Words of Min(e)d


Dear budding adult

Dear budding young adult,
to speak the truth
that the world doesn't need to hear -
that is to say: your truth you think is THE truth -
is not courageous or noble or even rebellious.
Do you think your cynicism is unique?
Do you think that to be a voice
for kindness and decency
in the world is unhip?

To throw verbal barbs and daggers,
accosting the hearts of man,
takes nothing in the way of skill.
10 million people are infecting the
collective pool with their bristled views
in any given moment,
inciting the masses with anger and apathy.

Dear budding young adult,
we need you to be a voice for goodness;
to elevate your battered spirit;
to infuse this lovely planet
with your love and care.

And I will help you.
I will help lead the way.
Please, dear ones,
follow me.
We need your eyes to see the joy
and beauty that abounds.
We need your voice to
speak like flowers,
not like clouds of
darkness and thunder.

- penned on May 13th, 2019